Let’s Celebrate

We love to feast on what God is doing in and through people’s lives.  

These testimonies are from people who have received prayer through Healing Centre and Liberty Church.
If you have received prayer ministry from us, we would love to hear your story.  

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Kidney Failure Healed

John Warwick shares his story of finding hope and healing when he felt hopeless. Jesus healed him of end stage kidney disease.

IBS Healed

"I got prayed for IBS, healing came instantly and pain gone. God is good."
- Amy

Prostate Cancer Breakthrough

"I had prostate cancer with a PSI of 6. After coming for healing prayer my PSI decreased to 2. I was booked in for surgery already so went ahead and had it. No problems with cancer 2 years later."
- Allan

Back Pain Gone

“I’ve been suffering back pain and waist pain for about 3 months. I couldn’t stand for more than 1 hour. After that I had to lie down in bed. I came to the Healing Rooms on 2nd May. Helen, Tony and Dave prayed for me and I was totally healed.Thank you very much!!! May God bless your church and prayer team abundantly”
- Li

Shoulder Healed

“ I have had a shoulder injury for the last 4 years. My left shoulder specifically. Have seen many physio’s and there has been much advice and so forth but my shoulder has never changed. The pain in my shoulder has hindered my performance in the sporting arena in boxing and rugby. I could not rotate my shoulder, raise it or do any big movement, without agonising pain BUT on Saturday 7th March I was prayed for by 2 lovely ladies, Jo and Lindsay and Jesus came through and healed my shoulder completely. No pain!”
- James