Our Terms & Conditions

As part of creating a safe enviroment for you and our team, we have the following policies in place.  When receiving prayer ministry from Healing Centre you are agreeing to these terms. 

Legal Liability Release

I understand that the Healing Centre is staffed by volunteers representing Liberty Church.  They are not trained or licensed professionals of counselling therapy or medical services.  The Healing Centre is a place to receive Christian Healing Prayer.

I understand that if I am currently taking medication, or operating under the advice of a professional service, I will allow them (my medical doctor, therapist, counsellor etc) to confirm any results of prayer received before altering any prescribed course of action. I release Liberty Church and their volunteers from any liability from any voluntary receiving of free prayer on this or any subsequent visits.

Your Personal Information

We collect your personal information in order to provide prayer ministry, and apart from our staff and volunteers when required, we do not share your information.

We keep your information safe by storing it on secure drives with limited access.

We may disclose personal information when we believe in good faith that New Zealand law requires disclosure.

Sharing Testimonies

We reserve the right to display or share your testimony in articles on websites, social media, in magazine articles in books and in video. Any personal identifying information will be removed from such testimonies unless you have expressed your consent.