Our Mission

To create a safe environment where all can experience physical healing.

Our Values


- God is a good God.


- It is God's desire to heal today.
- For you to live pain free and whole.


- God loves all mankind. We carry that love to the world.

Things About God And Us

God is a good Father whose intention has always been to have a people, a family, that will live in intimate fellowship with Him and represent Him. In Jesus we see the very essence of the Father.

God the Father was in Jesus reconciling the world to Himself. He rescued us from the dominion of darkness, bringing us into the Kingdom of His Son.

At the Cross a new covenant of forgiveness was established, with the borders widened to bring in people from all nations and races. The body of sin was done away with and our character and nature redefined.

Through His death, bodily resurrection and ascension, Jesus destroyed the works of the devil, taking back the authority we had lost at the fall, giving this authority back to mankind.

The church is made up of the body of believers who have faith in Jesus Christ.

In pouring out His Spirit we have been given the power to be His witnesses. We have a mandate and vocation to heal the sick, to restore the earth, to be ministers of reconciliation, reconciling forgiven orphans to the Father.

We are not waiting for His Kingdom to be established. The kingdom of God is here now. We get to partner with Jesus to extend His Kingdom so that it fills the whole earth, knowing that Jesus is coming back for a victorious church.